A little about me


I’m Bailey

I was born in Alberta but moved around my whole life. Before moving to Calgary, I actually lived in New Zealand where I had been for two years prior. Calgary was a move I made on a whim!



For the longest time I've told people that I didn't understand how I wound up in this profession, but when I look back at my life it just makes sense. I remember how excited I was when I got my first digital camera at age 10. I've always taken photos, and I've always loved it.


Relationship with dance

I fell in love with dance after I was forced to take it in school due to a limited timetable. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. I've been an avid dancer ever since I was 15, and I remember vividly watching a friend perform and thinking;

'I wish I could capture that feeling forever'.


Interesting Fact

One of my favourite jobs I ever had was working as a pro bra fitter for one of the largest lingerie brands in New Zealand. Never have I ever excelled so rapidly in a role before. I have always loved lingerie and I love creating spaces for people to feel their best.